1. Responsibility for assuring graduates’ threshold standards for communication skills is distributed across all stakeholders: institutional leaders, program coordinators, teaching academics, academic language and learning advisors, students, and representatives from industry and professional associations.
  2. University-wide policy outlines requirements for program coordinators regarding quality assurance of students’ communications skills.
  3. The development and assessment of students’ communication skills takes place through cumulative milestones within their program of study.
  4. Program teams provide evidence of cumulative milestones that lead to achievement of threshold standards.
  5. Leadership is critical to success, both at the institutional level (through systems that provide time and resources), and at the program level (through mapping of course learning outcomes and good learning and teaching practices).

As the research progressed, it became clear that disciplinary programs have differing requirements regarding graduates’ communication skills. We identified the following four approaches that inform identification of milestone units as part of the Distributed Expertise Model:

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